Have you ever wondered whether it might be smart for you to have a Board offsite? How do you know if you’re ready? What separates a good offsite from a disaster? What are the must-do’s and what should you avoid?   DO YOU NEED AN OFFSITE? It’s important first to think about why you might … Continue reading “Everything You Wanted to Know About Board Offsites but Were Afraid to Ask.”



Tyrone C. Howard, associate dean for equity and inclusion at UCLA, recently noted that “It can be irresponsible and unfair to talk about grit without talking about structural challenges.” This is something that has struck me a lot. Most of the talk and writing about the need for grit and resilience is done by parents, … Continue reading “It’s Not About Grit. It’s About Circumstance.”



This week, Governor Cuomo announced a major investment in some of the most disadvantaged and underserved people in the country. For residents of Central Brooklyn (East New York, Brownsville, Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights)— outcomes like health, employment and education as well as resources liked public space, fresh food and doctors lag behind the rest … Continue reading “Will a Big Investment Make a Big Difference? Cuomo pledges $1.4Bn to disadvantaged Brooklyn neighborhoods.”



One of the challenges I commonly see with nonprofit boards is fatigue. I’ve interviewed hundreds of nonprofit board members over the years, and in every board a proportion of individuals report feeling exhausted. I typically come across two types of people who fit this profile. One — the over-achiever This might be a long-serving board … Continue reading “How Do I Re-energize my Board?”



Let’s face it – nonprofit Boards can be hard work! As a start in our series on Board management, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how corporate Boards and nonprofit Boards differs. It’s an interesting frame of reference that can uncover and explain some of the unique challenges of working with … Continue reading “How Nonprofit Boards Differ from Corporate Boards and Why It Matters”


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