Mission Control

Why do some nonprofit and government leaders actually succeed in changing the world, while others struggle to point to their impact? What links the eradication of smallpox, the housing of 100,000 chronically homeless individuals and the remarkable reduction of the incidence of malaria? They share a laser-like focus on their goals.

In this compact, easy-to-follow guide, Downey lays out a simple, clear process for how you too can find your focus and develop a powerful leadership strategy. You’ll learn how to identify and understand who your clients are and what they want; how to set a powerful, spine-tingling goal; how to focus your energies on the activities that make the most of your distinctive strengths and use research backed interventions. You’ll also learn how to sell your story and message.

How Nonprofits and Governments can focus, achieve more and change the World.

  • Liana Downey has brought her considerable experience to bear in providing an empathetic guide to leaders to overcome all too familiar “mission creep”.

    Rob McLean, Director Emeritus McKinsey & Company and Founding Chair Social Ventures Australia
  • If you’re new to the arena of social change, read it. If you’re a veteran, refresh on it.

    Peter Goldmark, former President, Rockerfeller Foundation, former CEO and Chairman, International Herald Tribune
  • Mission Control┬áis a practical guide to playing a bigger, more important and better role in the world. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, it is the expert distillation of 20 years of experience.

    Tom Rippin, CEO and Founder, On Purpose (UK, France)

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Liana Downey

Liana Downey is successful entrepreneur and dynamic presenter dedicated to creating social change. As Executive Director of Liana Downey & Associates, Liana and her team help visionary social leaders focus, increase impact and change more lives.

Clients include innovative social enterprises, global nonprofits and ground-breaking leaders from federal, state and city governments – such as Speak up Africa, Community Solutions, the Nature Conservancy, the NYC Education Department, Children’s Aid Society and the Administration for Children’s Services. Liana also helped global NGOs, governments and nonprofits increase their impacts as leader of the Public and Social Practices while at McKinsey & Company for more than a decade.

Previously, Liana was an Expert Advisor to the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, a commercial adviser on the Baku-Tblisi gas pipeline negotiations.

  • Liana is one of the most inspiring and talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

    James Slezak, Director of Strategy, New York Times
  • Liana is a delight to partner with. She is not only professional and approachable, but also highly intelligent and empathetic.

    Rosemary Addis, Founder, Impact Investing, Australia.
  • Liana uses her wisdom and experience to create genuine positive change.

    Giovanni Donaldson Managing Director, Sinergia Capital